Pandagric Novum Unveil Rebranded Supreme Feeds bags

November 8, 2021by nifemioluyemi0

Pandagric Novum Limited, leading manufacturer of Supreme Feeds recently unveiled the re-branded Supreme Feeds bags, with the aim of creating profitable partnerships and positioning for market leadership.

The event which held in Nasarawa state, themed “Winning Together”, brought together major distributors across the nation as well as management and staff of the company, which include the Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Spain; Executive Board Member, Theo van der Veen; General Manager Sales & Marketing, Tunji Osoko and others.

Speaking at the event, Bruce Spain stated that “the unveiling was all about introducing Pandagric Novum customers to the new horizon, the new adventures, and the new destination of increased growth”. He added that the unveiling was about sharing information about the new opportunities for Pandagric Novum and its distributors.

Also speaking at the event, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Tunji Osoko, disclosed that, despite the many tough environmental variables prevalent in the country and the negative impact posed by COVID-19, Pandagric Novum Limited has chosen to invest massively in the local economy. He said that the poultry sub-sector is the most commercialized of all Nigeria’s agricultural sub-sectors with a net worth of N1.6 trillion according to CBN. He also stated that Nigeria has a big population with low per capital consumption of poultry compared to peer countries and that local demand for poultry currently outpace supply. 

One of the major distributors at the event, Olayemi Segun of Olaji Farms said he was impressed with the objective of the conference. “This conference has been really thought out, and I must say that I’m impressed with the improved process that Pandagric Novum is trying to inject into its system of production by expanding and scaling its production to match demand”, he said.

Supreme Feeds was birthed in 2010, with the installation of a large-scale commercial feed mill in Nasarawa State, with a mission to produce and supply the highest quality animal feed in Nigeria. To support this mission of converting grains and oil seeds to the highest quality animal feed; additional factories for the processing of soybeans and raw maize to high-quality maize meal were installed, to enable the company to manage to the greatest extent possible, the quality and consistency of its raw material supply chain.
















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Copyright by Pandagric Novum. All rights reserved.