Layer Feeds

Layer Feed And Nutrition Management

At Supreme Feeds we recognize that the production of quality eggs is so critical for the farmer to make money in this competitive market. We also understand that successful layer farming at any level requires day-to-day management of the birds on the farmer’s part.

To achieve a successful layer regime, a healthy feed is the most significant. Feed makes up a minimum of 65-70% of the total cost of producing table eggs. Therefore, it is very important that the feed is right in all aspects – quality, quantity, and cost – if the growth and laying potential of the birds is to be maximized. The overall goal is to get the birds to maximize their growth and laying potential in as short a time and at least a cost as possible.

At Supreme Feeds we ensure we get the correct raw materials for feed production, and we use the latest recommended formulation and manufacturing techniques to ensure we produce superior feed. Above all, our quality management systems are vigilant to ensure we eliminate all risks that might end up affecting the chickens that are fed on our feed.

At Supreme Feeds we continue to work on what we have achieved in terms of feed performance to ensure you get even better results!