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In 2010, the dream of providing poultry farmers across Nigeria with high-quality, high-performance feeds that would enable them to make a profit, grow, and fill the protein gap existing within the Nation was born with the launch of Supreme Feeds. The company grew steadily over the following 8 years until 2018 when the company’s growth trajectory dramatically changed following an investment from a consortium of like-minded international and local agriculture-focused, impact-driven investors.

Our business, though focused on ensuring the nation’s poultry farmers have the highest quality feeds, participates through the upstream value chain, seeking in all areas to have a catalytic impact on the industry. We believe that in order to produce high-quality poultry feeds, we must have high-quality inputs, which leads us to work through the value chain too, wherever possible, control our inputs for improved consistency both in supply and quality. Alongside our state-of-the-art poultry mills we, on one side process our soybeans, and on the other, produce high-quality maize meal for human consumption, the by-products from each factory making up key inputs to the feed milling process.

To ensure consistency of supply and quality of the inputs of both maize and soybeans, the company has constructed and operates bulk storage through a combination of silos and 5,000-tonne bulk grain bunkers, the first of their kind in Nigeria, ensuring the grain is cleaned and stored in optimal conditions for when demanded by our factories.

Further along the value chain and to ensure the highest quality of maize and soya passing through our warehousing units, the company operates large commercial farms growing primarily maize and soya. Our farming focuses on setting new standards for crop yields in Nigeria, achieving greater than 5x national average, demonstrating that opportunity exists in agriculture, while also having a significant regional and national economic and social impact. Close to our hearts and demonstrated meaningfully through our farming operations, is our conviction to positively impact the environment through our regenerative farming practices, which focus on rehabilitating and improving soil fertility and health, building the powerhouse of food production, while also positively impacting our environment through soil-based carbon capture.


What we can’t grow ourselves, we aim to have supplied by the farmers in our surrounding areas. Using the know how we develop and impart through training, we are working to ensure our out-grower farms more than double their historic yields, while we provide a guaranteed market to off- take all that they can produce.

Beyond our core business and operations, making an impact on the people around us is central within our values. We do this in several ways, from our environmental initiatives, which include tree planting and the promotion of biodiversity, litter collection in the surrounding communities, and environmental education to our neighboring communities, to the provision of clean drinking water through the drilling of boreholes and impacting the education of our future generation by building, refurbishing or supporting schools. For more information, please see the “Impact” section of our website.

Pandagric was birthed in 2010 as a one man’s dream to provide solutions to the challenges of food security in the local community where he lived. This singular but ambitious quest to feed over 200,000 locals has since metamorphosed into today’s ultra modern, integrated agriculture and agro-processing company operating from Nasarawa State, Nigeria.


The journey from being an individual initiative began as Novum Agric Industries Limited in 2010, and in 2018, after an initial investment by a consortium of international and local investors, is now known as Pandagric Novum Limited.


Without a doubt, the dream to feed Nigerians by providing nutritional food at affordable cost has since manifested and blossomed with significant impact in the provision of employment to hundreds of Nigerians and aiding the revitalization of the rural economy.


We have continued to support the Nigerian government’s economic drive by building a world-class agricultural and manufacturing business that provides quality food for its teeming population.


Our backward integration approach has redefined the concept of farming, feeds and food in Nigeria to include the manufacture and distribution of poultry feeds and macro-packs for farmers who mix their own poultry feed.


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Copyright by Pandagric Novum. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Pandagric Novum. All rights reserved.